It is the first stage of the treatment. In the body spa therapy, the scrub cream is used to exfoliate dead cells and sugar peel made of brown sugar and sweet almond oil is used as a gentle body scrub.

Massage exfoliation

The next step is an exotic massage with essential oils and body massage wax with aroma which helps to soothe the muscles & distress your tired body which helps to regain new vitality.


Body wrap

We use a range of special body wraps like cotton extracts which helps to soothe the body and helps to procure a moment of intense relaxation. Cotton is an important source of cellulose; it has moisturizing & soothing properties. It also contains Aloe Vera and moisturizing wax which helps to stimulate cell renewal, giving all the benefits of shea butter, beeswax and honey while the trace elements in the laminar algae revitalize the epidermis.