Eye Rejuvenation

Cooling and refreshing eye treatment reduces puffiness and dark circles for tired , stressed eyes.

Anti-Blemish Distressing Back Facial

Deep cleanses back to reduce excessive tan and acne scars. 


Essential Mineral

Feel the need to give your skin what a typical day has taken from it? An advance technique of facial therapy gives your skin all the essential minerals back.


Ocean Bright

Want to sunbathe minus the tan? With ingredients that contain sun filters which make your skin radiant and flawless, this facial is for you.


Want beautiful and acne-free skin? Try this anti-bacterial facial with high frequency machines and acsalyic lotions leaving your skin healthy and glow.

Age Defence

Has your face started lying about your age? With Vitamin C creams, massage balms and alpine moor mud masks that take care of the beginning of ageing lines, this facial is for you.

O3 Whitening

Enhance your complexion through skin lightening and improvement of skin texture.

O3 Facial

Say goodbye to dull, tired skin with the O3 facial and face mask.


Silver Facial

A quick and natural glow with the sparking silver facial.



O3 Diamond

Reveal soft and new skin with instant glow of a diamond and experience a radiating glow.

Gold Facial

Natural glow of gold that makes you more radiant and gives you natural glow with nourishing your skin.

Pearl Glow

The DNA creams and gels help your sensitive skin texture while protecting it from irritation.